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Eco Bricks

Eco Bricks

Plastic wrappers and plastic bottles are the two main sources of plastic pollution . Most of the products in the market are wrapped using plastic . they are bread , milk , biscuits , snacks , etc. These plastic wrappers cannot be recycled thus , they end up in piles . Most of the liquid products in the market are packed with plastic bottles . According to world statistics , the world population consumes 1 million plastic bottles every minute .

Eco – bricks are a solution to both these pollution causes . Eco – bricks can be built up at home . The plastic wrappers and plastic bottles which cannot be recycled are used to make eco – bricks .

Plastic wrappers are collected , cleaned , and dried . Then they are tightly inserted into plastic bottles . The bottom of the bottle is filled with soft plastic wrappers such as thin polythene . The bottles are filled with wrappers at the maximum volume possible . Then the bottles are closed up and the eco- brick is ready to use .

Eco – bricks can be used as substitutes for conventional bricks for construction purposes . Many environmentalists recommend such initiatives . Eco – bricks are used in building construction , furniture , ornaments etc. Many organizations worldwide collect eco – bricks to support and encourage such movements . By taking such novel initiatives , landfills can be controlled and it can lead to more development .

Article By : Hiruni Technika De Silva & Mariyam Najeeb

Flyer By : Mariyam Najeeb

Faculty of Applied Science, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka