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Month: September 2022

World Cleanup Day – Colombo Fort

“We are never too young to change the world”- Colombo Zero Plastic Movement volunteers gathered at Colombo Fort. “World for a cleaner planet” World cleanup day is a massive civic movement event executed annually in 191+ countries across the world. On the day volunteers and the partners get together and engage in clean-up activities in...

Kurunegala site on world cleanup day!

Zeroplastic Organisation of Sri Lanka held an event to clean several locations of Kurunegala on 17th September 2022 to commemorate World cleanup day 2022.           The event was held from 7.30a.m. to 12.00p.m. at the area around the Ranthaliya guest.100 volunteers participated for this event and they were provided king coconuts,...

“අනුසාර”; an awareness session at Madagama Sri Sunandaramaya Dhamma School

As a result, the usage of plastic has turned into a nationwide phenomenon that causes health problems. Unconsciously, humans embrace their own demise with wide arms or consciously, they embrace it from the bottom of their hearts. People have yet to realize that non-degradable plastic usage relates to improper plastic disposal and garbage mountains, which...

Kandy city cleanup was done successfully!

Kandy city is one of the most beautiful cities in Sri Lanka enriched with cultural and heritage values. Moreover, this city has a unique landscape that is surrounded by mountain ranges and rich in biodiversity. On World Clean-up Day (17th September 2022), the Zero Plastic Movement organized a Clean-up project in Kandy intending to make...

Children are the future stewards of the planet Earth

We must teach them to love nature and be with nature. When they grow up, they will understand that protecting the planet Earth and restoring the planet’s health and future is their responsibility.         The Zoonet society of The Open University of Sri Lanka organized a workshop for children as “Zoonet Junior’s...