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12th Floor, New Building, SLIIT Campus, New Kandy Road, Malabe, Sri Lanka.




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About Us

No Plastic Fantastic

We provide goods and products to live a plastic free life and create a plastic free world.

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Our Story

Zero plastic is basically a environment friendly volunteer based organization to free from single use plastic. We educate people so they can stop plastic usage step by step and choose businesses that are committed to sustainable environment which are plastic substitutes and promote them. This concept can be started from our homes. We can use plastic substitutes in day today life as much as we could. We want to make this as a trend within the people.

Our Vision

Protecting the environment from plastics and uplifting local entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Train the community about the environmental and health risks of using plastics and to prevent their use, and empower small and medium scale entrepreneurs who make those products by promoting eco-friendly local products that can be used instead of plastic.

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