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Month: April 2021

අපි හැමෝම සතිපතා ATM card එකක් කනව කියල දන්නවද..?

අපි හැමෝම ආසන්න වශයෙන් සතියකට බැංකු කාඩ් එකක තියන ප්ලාස්ටික් ප්‍රමාණයක් ඇඟට දාගන්නව (5g micro plastic තමයි ATM card එකකට සමාන කරල තියන්නෙ)…Australia වෙ මෑතක කරපු පර්යේෂණයකින් ආව දත්ත වලට අනුව තමයි ඒ….කාරණා බලද්දි ලංකාවෙ හැටියට ඒක බැංකු කාඩ් එකේ ඉඳං පොඩි ප්ලාස්ටික් බේසමක් වගේ වෙන්න උනත් පුළුවං සමහරක් එවුංගෙ චර්යාවෙ විදිහට..🤗🤗 දැං මේ විදිහට...

The best replacements to single-use plastic bags

Even though plastic produces in a short period of time, it takes hundred years to decompose. Plastic does not fully degrade they break down into microplastic or tiny pieces of plastics. That microplastics finally may contaminate the environment and within the bodies of humans and animals. The usage of single-use plastic bags has increased all...


It is true that we are using plastics very commonly as it is relatively cheap, water proof, and durable. It makes our lives absolutely convenient. But most of the people don’t think about the effects on the environment. It takes about 400 years to degrade plastic. It not only pollute environment but also affect the...

Rethink before using plastic

Today plastic pollution is a major global problem. The land as well as the ocean are continuously facing this unfortunate situation. We all like the beauty of the sea. But these plastics are at risk of losing that beauty. As a result, sea creatures today face an unfortunate fate. Do you know? Every year more...