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Galleface Cleanup 2022
Galleface Cleanup 2022

Galleface Cleanup 2022

Even though we have a lot of chaos as Sri Lankans, but we can’t ignore the plastic pollution. Therefore, zero plastic has given a higher focus on this problem in the protest area. There, we can see people are using a lot of plastic materials than other days.
zero plastic hut has been built to give at least a small solution to this plastic problem.
As a result of the effort of zero plastic, galleface beach cleanup was successfully completed on the 30th of April 2022. It was organized by zero plastic and pearl_protectors.
It succeeded because of the participation of university students and the people. It had been continued for 3 hours and successfully cleaned the protest_area.
zero plastic organizing committee is thankful to all of them and happy to announce that we all were able to collect more than 205+ kg bottles. (30 bottles = 1kg)
It is so sad to say that, these plastic bottles were there because they were given freely to the people. zero plastic, we kindly request you all to take a water bottle wherever you go. Not only for the protest area. Because these plastics can pollute water, air and soil at the same time.
zero plastic is not only a group which are collecting plastics, but also a valuable organization which is making peoples’ awareness about this plastic pollution and finding solution to it.
Even though we are having a that kind of time, it is sad to say that people are not caring of this plastic problem. However, anyone who likes to take the actions against this plastic problem can join with zero plastic free webinar programs and zoom meetings.
You all are warmly welcomed to join us to fight against the plastic devil.

Galleface Cleanup2022