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International Labor Day
International Labor Day

International Labor Day

Working People’s Day; May 1 International Labor Day to celebrate ‘Hemakat’ Heroes ————

It’s really working people who come together to celebrate May Day, with red bloodied memories that began with a sleepless revolution, and that countless workers have sacrificed their lives to this day.

In other words, Labor Day is celebrated by the people who work day and night, regardless of party affiliation, color or religion, even on Poya days and drag this country.

Have you seen the innocent people who collect garbage in the city council?
Some of these people are still evacuating after rallies on Labor Day. They spend more time than usual cleaning not only the plastic that accumulates in public places but also the drains and toilets that are clogged with non-corrosive materials.

So, can you understand the hard work of those who are tired of the struggle of life; Support them effortlessly?
Take the plastic containers you bring home with you when you come to town on May Day. Or dispose of them in an orderly fashion.

  • Do not dispose of discarded plastic or non-perishable materials and dispose of them only at the point where the   waste is collected.
  • Teach people who do not dispose of things like plastic in the proper place, about proper waste management.
  • Teach your next generation to be against those who drive or leave plastic in place.

We at Zero plastic think that your kind behavior towards the crushing workers is another value of Labor Day.