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Say no to plastic with pottery industry

Say no to plastic with pottery industry

Earth deserves more. Since the day humans began to dominate the world, they have forgotten all the responsibilities fell upon themselves. Since then, much simple lives evolved to much sophisticated streams. When considering, usual domestic routines, we are more connected to inorganic alternatives.
That’s where plastic play a huge role. Accustomed to a busier lifestyle, we prioritize the ease of day -to- day activities paying minimal attention to the environment and good health.
The good news, I am bringing is much adequate for daily living and for the environment. “Sakaporuwa” clay store which is located nearby Kelaniya is a well-known natural alternative store for plastic and other non-disposable materials such as brass and aluminum. The owner Mr. A.K. Sandaruwan states that the main reason for these unhealthier lifestyles and polluted environment is higher consumption of plastic and aluminum instead of clay products as our ancestors did. He also states, there is a rapid decline in traditional pottery industry.
“Sakaporuwa” clay store includes well designed clay plates, pots, cups, hot water bottles, bowls, stoves, and jars. Other than kitchen related pottery products they create vases, lamps and coin containers which are highly attractive and recommended with good quality. These eco-friendly products are available in the main store where his family currently resides. Here is a nice chance to reduce the plastic production and the consumption in Sri Lanka in collaboration with Zero plastic program. Let’s support him to expand the business and spread throughout Sri Lanka to build a zero-plastic country.
Nethra Silva.
Department of Disability studies- Faculty of Medicine
University of Kelaniya.