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Saluting Our Superhero Volunteers: Shining Stars of the ZeroPlastic Movement

Saluting Our Superhero Volunteers: Shining Stars of the ZeroPlastic Movement

ZeroPlastic National Volunteer Awards
ZeroPlastic National Volunteer Awards

We are thrilled to announce the successful culmination of the ZeroPlastic National Volunteer Awards Ceremony, a monumental event that took place on June 24th, 2023, at the prestigious Radisson Colombo. This momentous occasion served as a platform to honor the outstanding dedication and unwavering commitment of volunteers who have waged a tireless battle against plastic pollution, and who have played pivotal roles in guiding ZeroPlastic clubs throughout Sri Lankan Univeristies.

The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Kanishka Weeramunda, the visionary Founder of Paymedia & DirectPay, who joined us as the Chief Guest. His inspiring words added a new dimension to the evening.

Awards fo volunteers
Awards for volunteers

The ceremony was an opportunity to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of numerous individuals who have left an indelible mark on our journey towards a cleaner, greener future. Through the awarding of various categories, we recognized the following extraordinary achievers:


  • 🏆 Best Volunteer Graphic Designer
  • 🏆 Best Marketing Director of the Year
  • 🏆 Best PR (Public Relations) Director of the Year
  • 🏆 Best Secretary of the Year
  • 🏆 Best Volunteer Photographer
  • 🏆 Best Presenter
  • 🏆 Best Director of Operations
  • 🏆 Best Vice President of the Year
  • 🏆 Best Volunteer Content Creator
  • 🏆 Best Director of Membership
  • 🏆 Best Event Director of the Year


However, amidst this celebration of excellence, we reserved a special spotlight for those who have proven to be the true superheroes of our movement. These individuals have gone above and beyond, exemplifying the spirit of dedication and leadership that Zeroplastic stands for. It is with immense pride that we acknowledge:

  • 🌟 Best Alumni Award
  • 🌟 Zero Plastic Volunteer of the Year (Female)
  • 🌟 Zero Plastic Volunteer of the Year (Male)
  • 🌟 Best University of the Year
  • 🌟 Best President of the Year


In particular, we want to shine a radiant spotlight on those who have embodied the true essence of a superhero volunteer. These remarkable individuals, hailing from various universities, have stood out as beacons of change:

Super Hero Award Winners
Super Hero Award Winners
  1. Kavishka from Sabaragamuwa University, who also received the award for Best Presenter
  2. K.H. Isuru Dapasara from Ocean University of Sri Lanka
  3. Yashika Nipuni from University of Peradeniya
  4. Sanuth Deshita from University of Colombo
  5. Aruna from University of Ruhuna, who was also recognized as the Best President of the Year
  6. Dileepa Nuwan Ruhina from Ruhina University, who was honored as the Best Director of Operations
  7. Ovin Amarathunga from University of Peradeniya
  8. Ushan Perera from NIBM, acclaimed as the Best Vice President of the Year
  9. Himansa Wikramasinghe from University of Peradeniya, who was also celebrated for his contribution as the Best Volunteer Content Creator
  10. Malmi from Sabaragamuwa University
  11. Kushani from Sabaragamuwa University
  12. Shammi from Rajarata University
  13. Semini from Ocean University

Super Hero Award Winners
Super Hero Award Winners












These individuals, along with their respective universities, have not only demonstrated unparalleled dedication but have also set the bar remarkably high for combating plastic pollution. Through their remarkable achievements, they have ignited inspiration in others to join this vital cause.

To all the winners, our heartfelt congratulations; and to each and every volunteer who has lent their time, energy, and passion to the ZeroPlastic movement, we extend our deepest gratitude. Your resolute commitment is forging a sustainable path toward a brighter future for our cherished Sri Lanka.