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Eco bricks Bottle

Eco bricks Bottle

A problem that many of us face today is the environmental damage caused by the release of plastics, polythene, etc. into the environment after use. The release of the plastics and polythene we use into the environment has caused many problems for the environment as well as for humans and animals.
Today, with the advancement of technology, the production of things that are harmful to the environment is increasing rapidly. But it is very slow to find or activate remedies to prevent that damage.

I think it is a bit difficult to find a solution to this environmental problem or implement solutions as a community at the same time. Therefore, if we as an individual can work for this, the result can be very successful.

How to make this Eco brick bottle?

All we need to make this Eco brick bottle is our plastic bottles and disposable polythene bags, polythene covers, etc. We can use any type of discarded polythene packaging for this. Here it is mandatory to wash and clean all the polythene covers. Also, plastic bottles should be thoroughly cleaned and dried. You can add purified polythene covers, packaging, etc. to the cleaned bottle.

We can easily do this with the help of a stick. We can also make an Eco brick bottle by adding all the polythene covers and packaging that is to be discarded for everyday use in a plastic bottle in this way. Unbeknownst to us, the plastic polythene that we unknowingly release into the environment will be added to this Eco brick bottle.

Let’s see what can be done with this Eco brick bottle.
We have the ability to add this Eco brick bottle and make the various designs we want.
For example, seats, walls,etc. that can be used in gardening. Similarly, polythene and plastic recycling centers or institutions can be handed over to those places if you are in the area. As an eco-lover, we will work to replace plastic polythene with replacement equipment and minimize the use of plastic and polythene as much as possible. Be an eco-lover yourself.

Dileka Wijerathne
The Open University of Sri Lanka