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Category: Blog

Let’s develop the coir industry

Read only those who remember our “coir broom” when saw the plastic broom. In the past, when we went to school, we saw elderly and middle-aged women in nearby houses spinning ropes and making brooms. But now all those people have phones. so they waste both their money and time. In the past, when the...

Bamboo water bottles in Sri Lanka too..

We have talented designers like this, but it is difficult for them to develop because they do not have a suitable marketplace. We also easily pick up an ugly plastic bottle from the nearest store. The solution to this is to create a market for such designs and make them easy to buy. That’s exactly...

Use of plastic garlands banned

It was revealed that the sacred area as well as the country is facing severe environmental problems due to the polythene garlands currently being sold in the sacred places throughout the country. The number of devotees who visit the Kataragama Sacred Area is annually around 03 million and the number of polythene garlands they buy...

Let’s think differently

Plastics and polythene, which are the leading polluters of the environment, are increasingly being used by the general public based on their ease of use. But as individuals, you can build self-discipline and take different steps to reduce the use of plastics. As a example Instead of a plastic bottle, you can use a glass,...