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Capture the Earth 1.0 by Sabaragamuwa

Capture the Earth 1.0 by Sabaragamuwa

The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion.
——Paulo Coelho——

Zero plastic is an initiative of replacing plastic products with local environment friendly products within the households around the country as well as to empower and promote local alternative products, was started according to the concept of Mr. Nishshanka de Silva. Fortunately sabaragamuwa university of Sri Lanka also has started a very strong organization as a Zero plastic community which makes aware the society about the sustainability though go green. We have already began this journey launching many social activities to empower people about environmental friendly products and services.

Recently as a team we have held a “capture the Earth 1.0” inter University nature and wildlife photography competition using effective and innovative nature friendly guidelines. With the aim to decrease the usage of plastic and polythene and spread the Zero plastic concept though social media as it’s the best platform that we can spread valuable messages to the younger generation. It’s glad to mention that we had a qualitative and quantitative amount of responses to make our event a grand success. We selected the winners
Under the main two categories.

The best photograph

Number 26 First place.
R. R. Ahamed
University of Rajarata

Capture the Earth

_Number 31 second place
Harsha Athauda
University of Wayamba

Capture the Earth

Number 72 Third place
Inodee Rasanja Fernando
University o Moratuwa

Capture the Earth

These three winners were selected by the impartial judge panel after concerning the criteria’s about basic photography and our given guidelines.

The most popular photograph

Menoli Perera
Open University

Capture the Earth

was selected by the social media community which got the highest amount of likes, reacts and shares in our Facebook page.

As a team the organizing team of sabaragamuwa university did a great job spending their busiest time to make a change in the society. Happily we were made each other a family and had hard work, enthusiasm and burning urge to make our country a Zero plastic heaven.

We’re not stopping here! We’re expanding our ambition to ban every single use of polythene and plastic across everywhere. We’re are also encouraging you, stay focused and share hands with us to come together and see how far we can go.
I would grant we’ll do a huge national improvement.

In conclusion I must imply that everyone should have a responsibility  to invest our planet to make earth a green paradise.

By : M.V.Sujani Sumanarathne