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Think for a moment …..
Think for a moment

Think for a moment …..

When it comes to plastics, it has become more prevalent among the masses due to the fact that it is the cheapest application available in the market, but the link between plastics and the environment is a catastrophic relationship that is incalculable in cost. This is because the existing natural resources are being destroyed to an unpredictable level.

The growth of plastic products in the last few decades has been phenomenal and it seems that mankind is completely dependent on the use of this non-perishable material. Annually, there are about 500 billion plastic bags in use worldwide, and reports indicate that 50% of them are for single use. Accordingly, the average useful life of a polythene or plastic bag is about 15 minutes, but it takes at least 100 years for it to decompose or decompose. Plastic bags, the most common type of recyclable plastic around our homes, can take 10 to 1000 years to decompose and plastic bottles can take up to 400 years to decompose. But it is estimated that more than 10 million tons of plastic bottles are released into the oceans every day.

Think for a moment,
Will a generation of us who depend on plastic be able to contribute to the future the beautiful environment that you gave me? What permission do you have for me to destroy this pleasant environment that does not belong to you with plastic?
This is the time to wake up. Against a background where recycling is not systematic and inadequate, we see our duty and minimize the use of plastics as much as possible. Together we will gift tomorrow the warm environment we have inherited.