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An awareness series covering five major schools in Ahangama with the collaboration of the island tattoo connection artisans

An awareness series covering five major schools in Ahangama with the collaboration of the island tattoo connection artisans

“Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

The ZeroPlastic Movement, comprised of 80+ international artists from Nepal, India, Thailand, the United States, Australia, and all European countries, staged a massive and significant event series in and around Ahangama. On October 22nd, world-famous artists arrived in Sri Lanka to launch three major nature-friendly events. Installation of the ZeroPlastic Strainer, which was completed on October 24th; Ahangama city and beach cleanup, which was also completed on the 29th; and awareness sessions in all secondary schools around Ahangama city.


Foreign artists have noticed that the way of releasing garbage to nature is not at an appreciable level. A huge amount of polythene and plastics were put here and there around Ahangama city. This huge problem has been noticed by those foreign artists with the Island Tattoo Connection volunteers. This initial understanding turned into massive awareness sessions. The only way to stop hurting mother nature by throwing garbage is to make people aware of the process of recycling and the disadvantages of improper trash throwing.

Children are the next generation of the world. If they know the right thing, they will make changes and even ask their parents to do the right thing. So the ZeroPlastic Movement, in collaboration with The Island Tattoo Connection and artists around the world, has launched a massive awareness series in 4 schools around Ahangama and Thalduwa Island Villa on October 28th. G/Rohana National College M.V., G/Ahangama Shariputhra M.V., G/Kathaluwa National College, and G/Dikkumbura Sri Siddhartha M.V. are the selected schools.

The students were distinctly made aware of the recycling process and effective ways to destroy garbage. The interaction sessions, which were done by the ZeroPlastic team, were able to get their attention more realistically. Finally, it is really cheerful to state that the awareness sessions were conducted successfully and that success was revealed through feedback sessions.  

Milindu Abeynayake

Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka