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What is Environmental Pollution?
What Is Environmental Pollution?

What is Environmental Pollution?

Environmental pollution has existed for centuries but was gradually followed by the industrial revolution in the 19th century. This pollution occurs, when the natural environment can’t destroy an element without creating harm to itself.
Major forms of pollution include ;
1. Air Pollution
2. Light Pollution
3. Noise Pollution
4. Soil Contamination
5. Water Pollution

Every day we spend millions of money to find another world to live in instead and saving the one we have. It is no longer possible to sit back and wait for someone else to act. Instead, we need to open our eyes now and do something.

What should we do against pollution?

> Use public transportation, bike, or walk whenever possible.
> Turn off if it is unnecessary.
> Seas or nature are not litter boxes, be careful.
> Conserve energy – at home, at work, everywhere.
> Don’t throw it away, throw it in recycling bins or recycle it yourself.

These are some suggestions. The world is rotting and we are in it. Let’s not destroy the place where we live.

” It isn’t the time to be greedy as it is the time to be greeny! ”

5th June is celebrated as Environment Day. But is one day enough for protecting our mother nature when on the other days we are just recklessly destroying it? We get everything from nature like fruits, seeds, woods, and most importantly oxygen. How will we survive if the destruction goes at such a speed?

Some words for mother nature :

They give us everything: Food shelter and fresh air pure water flows. The flowers are blossoming and the fruits, are ripening. This is all for our use What we give in return. We just cut them and destroy nature out there. The fresh air blows, But we are doing misuse. Plant more and more trees Make it a promise to yourself It will not cost much But we will save the future for ourselves. If the destruction of nature will continue rapidly, there is no possibility of life & revenue. If there will be a world without greenery How could we exist in such misery So plant more and more trees and Promote afforestation? Instead of deforestation! It isn’t yours or not mine but ours. So let’s go green and save our mother’s environment.

Oh! My dear humans
this is me mother nature speaking to you yes, look here
don’t be so surprised,
it’s me mother nature
here I wonder if you’re worthy enough to me but,
your deadly deeds
forced me to warn you today
although I always try to forgive you,
Do you always betray me do you know?
you’re one of the fastest-growing dangers for me
I know you’re greedy yet,
cruel creature but,
today you’ve to hear me


that I can exist for others,
that I can stand still in all weathers,
that I can bear the sweet fruit of labor.
that I can be a shade for a passing passenger,
that I can shed my leaves and still grow charmer.
that I can be a golden egg layer but there’s always a slayer.
that I can be a blessing & still be cursed as a victim of man’s wager.

Burning Trash

I posit Terrible smell!
Unbreathable air!
Don’t you people ever seem to care?
Your unhealthy habits create a smog Just because you’re as lazy as a hog.
Don’t throw it in the trash, go recycle If you burn your trash,
that’s suicidal Practice health and practice safety I don’t throw it in the street,
that stuff is shady Incinerators are a thing of the past
They were never made to last
Their operation cost isn’t worth the planet We can’t take our oxygen for granted!

We only have one planet. Let’s persevere it for the generations to come. Humans did hurt the earth so much. Time to go in a different direction. Are you aware of the things you cause by your consumerism? Can you able to take full responsibility for that? Or is that too painful to look at is it? Dear humans, still time is there to think about the environment! Otherwise, the destruction will bring the end of 4.5 billion years old EARTH!

Fathima Mizna
Ocean University of Sri Lanka