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Happy Vesak to you all!
Happy Vesak to you all!

Happy Vesak to you all!

Today is the full moon day of Vesak.

Today is the full moon day of Vesak, which commemorates the death of the great Gautama Buddha, who is considered to be one of the greatest and most revered sages of all time. Vesak, celebrated every year in May, is considered to be the most important religious festival of all Buddhists in the world. The birth of Prince Siddhartha, the son of King Suddhodana the Great, the birth of Prince Siddhartha, the enlightenment of Lord Siddhartha at the base of the Asatu Bo tree in Buddhagaya, and the birth of Gautama Buddha at the Sal Garden, the birthplace of the Malla kings of Kusinara, took place on the full moon day.

Also, the great Gautama Buddha, who was once born as a Thavusa named Sumedha, received definite commentaries from the Supreme Buddha Deepankara on the strength of his energy. Also, ten months after his enlightenment, he went to the city of Kimbulwat and marched to Yama to rid his relatives of famine. Eight years after his enlightenment, he came to Kelaniya for the third time at the invitation of King Maniakkhitha Na. And on that journey Sumana Saman, at the invitation of the Divine King, ascended to Samanala Kanda and made a note of Siripa there. Arahant Ananda the Great, who was the caretaker of the Supreme Buddha, performed the Pirinivan on this Vesak Poya day.

As Buddhists, we celebrate this Vesak festival with great devotion based on a number of such noble causes. We Buddhists celebrate this Vesak festival wholeheartedly by engaging in various charitable activities such as alms, seela and meditation. And the important thing we must not forget is to make sure that it does not harm the Mother Nature that gives us life. We, the great Gautama, were a teacher who respected and loved nature very much. Therefore, it is our duty to love, respect and protect nature in the purple way that He preached.

So, on this auspicious Vesak Poya Day, let us all offer flowers and lanterns in devotion to Gautama Buddha, the Dhamma he preached, the Maha Sangha and all the people of the world. But do not add non-perishable materials such as polythene and plastic to the environment. We keep our minds as well as the environment around us clean.

May all those who are revered and revered by the Buddhist people have the strength and courage to follow the path of Dhamma preached by the Buddha and understand the path of Nirvana!

Happy Vesak to you all!

Bless the Triple Gem!

Subodha Charuni
Second year
Faculty Of Arts
University Of Peradeniya