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Be a Protester to avoid Plastic
Be a Protester to avoid Plastic

Be a Protester to avoid Plastic

I would premierly say, in the early ages “the Pearl of Indian ocean” is blessed with a huge scenic beauty rather than any other country in this world as people didn’t use plastic and polythene for daily tasks.in contrast in the modern society, plastics and polythene are commonly used in a wide range of industries including packaging, manufacturing, and agricultural field too. This has also become a global issues presently.
As a example, Vietnam consumes 3.9 million tons of plastic per year while only 1.28 million of tons are recycled. But even though they are in such a critical condition as a nation, they have set a target to ban polythene and plastic in 2030.
If so why the sri Lankans are afraid to ban plastic and polythene?
I truly expect that Sri Lankans are courageous, strong and attentive enough to have a great intension to ban polythene and plastic. It will make a huge change in our society as well as a international development.
In conclusion I must ask you everyone not to waste your time to buy polythene and plastic wrappings. But make a room in your heart to be dead against it.
Be a protestor who avoids contacts with plastic to make a better world.

Sujaani Senevirathne
Faculty of Social Sciences & Languages
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka