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Is plastic a pollutant magnet?
Is plastic a pollutant magnet?

Is plastic a pollutant magnet?

We are all aware that plastic is a front-line enemy of mother nature for decades. Scientists have proved that plastic is a viable transporter of toxic additives and pathogens to the environment. Some chemicals are added to the plastics during production so they can leak out of the plastic later.
When pollutants are present in the environment, plastics could bind to these pollutants. Organic toxins such as PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls) and dioxins are examples. In addition, heavy metals like mercury also attach themselves to plastics. Even after the recycling process, these toxins may still be present. So the only solution is the responsible disposal of plastics more safely.
Let’s dispose of plastics responsibly and save the environment and animals.

By : Hindu Herath.
The Ocean University of Sri Lanka.