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Zero Plastic Movement and National Youth Services Council in a Nationwide Cleanup!

Zero Plastic Movement and National Youth Services Council in a Nationwide Cleanup!

Are you excited to be a part of a growing national movement? On September 16th,2023, the National Youth Services Council (NYSC) of Sri Lanka is teaming up with the Zero Plastic Movement and the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) for a nationwide cleanup initiative, and we invite you to be a part of this transformative mission!

In our mission to make World Cleanup Day a resounding success, we are privileged to be joined by our main partners who are at the forefront of the sustainability movement. These dedicated partners include the Central Environmental Authority (CEA), the Colombo District Club, and our valued main sponsor, Star Garments. Their unwavering support and collaborative spirit play a pivotal role in our collective endeavor to combat plastic pollution. Together, we are setting the stage for a cleaner, greener future through World Cleanup Day.

The #CleanSriLanka initiative isn’t solely about picking up trash; it’s a rallying cry for our generation to rise up and take a stand against the scourge of plastic pollution. It’s about uniting people from all corners of our nation for a shared purpose: protecting Sri Lanka’s natural beauty. Our aim is to rally an impressive 50,000 individuals because we genuinely believe that, as a united force, we can make a substantial impact on the plastic pollution issue that poses a grave threat to our environment.

But why is this so important, and why should young people like you actively participate? Your involvement in #CleanSriLanka is a catalyst for change. By joining hands with the National Youth Services Council and the Zero Plastic Movement, you are not only cleaning up but also spreading awareness about the devastating impacts of plastic pollution. Your actions can inspire others to rethink their plastic consumption, adopt sustainable habits, and reduce their ecological footprint.

This is an opportunity to foster a sense of unity and community among the younger generation. When we come together to protect our environment, we send a powerful message to the world: that we care deeply about our nation and its future. The cleanup is a chance to bridge divides, forge new friendships, and build a stronger, more connected Sri Lanka.

Save the date: September 16th, and clear your schedule. This is your opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.