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Tag: microplastic

Microplastics in the human body too? 

Today, the adverse effects of plastic, which is man’s creation, have arisen not only against the biosystem itself but also against the man who created the plastic. In other words, it has been found that even human blood contains microplastic particles. The research was led by a group of scientists in the Netherlands, and microscopic...

Bionic robot fish to remove micro-plastics

  A team of researchers at the Polymer Research Institute at the University of Sichuan has been able to reduce the problem of plastics, a powerful environmental problem that is exacerbated by the current globalization. That is, they have released a bionic robot to remove the microplastics that have polluted the ocean. It is a...

The discovery of microplastics in humans raises concerns about health effects.

Lung tissue samples from 11 people who underwent surgery at a hospital in Hull, Britain, have for the first time detected microplastics in the lungs of living humans. In 2021, Brazilian pathologists found polymer particles and fibers in the lung tissue of 13 of the 20 adults examined in São Paulo. Microplastics are made by...

Do you know that microplastics found in HUMAN BODY?

You may be surprised to learn that you’re wearing plastic clothing. As if that wasn’t bad enough, your clothing could be causing plastic pollution in the oceans and even in your own body! Your clothing contributes to marine pollution, according to a new report commissioned by Friends of the Earth and Eunomia, an environmental research...