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Zero Plastic’s mission is to create a behavioural change among Sri Lankan citizens to reduce Plastic waste while building a demand for plastic substitutes produced by local entrepreneurs.
It has three main goals;
1. Reduce plastic pollution
2. Get people to use sustainable plastic alternatives
3. Expand and empower Zero plastic entrepreneur network.

The Organization is well experienced in

  • Initiating campaigns on 3R in collaboration with three State universities in 2020
  • Driving a volunteer force of strength 2500+ from local universities
  • Educating and empowering 100+ local entrepreneurs and has introduced 200+ plastic alternative products
  • Building up and managing a community group of strength 10,000+ like minded people in FaceBook who are ready make the change.(zeroplastic)
  • Establishing Partnerships with Central Environmental authority, Colombo municipal council and Media center for National Development
  • Private partnership with media , Goodmarket, Earth Lanka (recycling)
  • Developing and running e-commerce platform “zeroplastic.lk“

The project is designed and implemented keeping the 3R methodology aligned throughout the projects.

National Level

The National level impact of ZeroPlastic is mainly through spreading awareness and creating an urge to support towards a good change. This is done through awareness campaigns, creating a trend in social media through which it is convenient to connect with people of similar interests and readiness.

National level impact is created with the ultimate objective of changing the minds of people through making them realise the disadvantages the plastic is creating in our lives and make the step towards moving to substitutes.

Corporate Level

ZeroPlastic plays the role of a changemaker which reaches corporations and creates an awareness to make a mind changing decision to create a ZeroPlastic Certified workplace.

The project begins by running an audit to identify the possible stationery, products commonly used in a workplace which can be ideally substituted with non plastic, eco friendly products.