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USAID Partnership with Zero Plastic National Movement.

USAID Partnership with Zero Plastic National Movement.

USAID has taken a huge step to help twenty nine school in Galle District to make the premises zero plastic in collaboration with Zero Plastic National Movement. The municipal Council, the provincial education department will be the partnerships of this project. With the objective of creating a social behavioral changes among the future generations by conserving the nature through affective plastic management towards sustainable environmental development, they urge to make awareness.
The project target the younger generation as they are the ones who should be molded and practiced towards the sustainable development. The school premises also gives a great platform to identify the negative impacts, damages of plastic and polythene towards the nature and also towards humans.
The team of volunteer Zero Plastic community is being appointed to guide the students and encourage them to collect the non-degradable plastic and hand over them to the relevant authorities to recycle.

The programme will be mainly conducted under three phrases, the volunteers will conduct a survey firstly which is followed by an awareness session. A survey will be conducted prior to initiation of the project to obtain a visible image of the students’ knowledge level concerning plastic and nature.

The project also encouraged to the students to design “zero plastic clubs” and “school environmental clubs” with an objective of being guardians of the Mother Nature.
Furthermore thirdly the students will be encouraged to collect non-degradable PET bottles that are recyclable under stringent criteria to avoid any health hazards. By weighing student collections in kilograms and handing it over for recycling on a paying basis, the project will create a revenue module for schools.
Furthermore students are being advised to make aware their society, the parents, family and neighborhoods. Finally, the students who submit the most PET bottles, as well as the schools that have collected the most PET bottles, will be awarded.

Therefore this is how the Zero Plastic National Movement, in collaboration with USAID, launched a new initiative; “Zero plastic School Championship “with the objective of converting 29 schools in Galle district, in to zero plastic zones.
Be together with Zero Plastic National Movement to make a change to the society and as a team we can make our mother nature a heaven.