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Bentley Motors is the first company to hold a “net zero plastic to nature” certification.
Bentley Motors is the first company to hold a "net zero plastic to nature" certification

Bentley Motors is the first company to hold a “net zero plastic to nature” certification.

As a company in motor manufacturing, they often consume tons of plastic in their operations. Last year, Bentley took steps to reduce the quantity of plastic used in outbound packing procedures, such as vinyl wheel protection and wiper blade covers, by 12 tones. This is the first time a corporation has received this honor at the South Pole. This certification is awarded as a sign of appreciation for successful waste stewardship. It is a globally recognized status that shows the companies’ ongoing environmental drive to attain end-to-end carbon neutrality by 2030. Because carbon is one of the primary causes of global warming, which has imperiled all species.

The South Pole organization’s Switzerland-based experts independently examined the use of plastic in logistics operations. The automaker made a financial investment in the plastic recycling operation.

During this experiment, the use of microplastic packaging was also investigated. Because tyre abrasion produces a substantial amount of microplastic. The audit discovered that the company had recycled plastic waste properly and given recommendations for regional development.

According to Peter Bosch, a member of the manufacturing board, their ambition of driving toward a plastic-free future is part of their beyond 100 strategies, and the collaboration with Southpole assisted them in evaluating their progress.

To obtain this certification, Bentley studied certified units that support two of Southpole’s projects that obliged the construction of specialized plastic trash collecting and recycling infrastructure projects, which were carried out by Neela saga in India and Second Life in Thailand.


By :Nipuni Gamage
      University of Peradeniya
      Faculty of Science