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Will the fire also be plastic?

During the Stone Age, the fire was discovered by two rocks and over time, various methods were used to make the fire. In that way, people invented matchboxes. Today, with the inflation in Sri Lanka, production is stagnant as well as the cost of production has increased. There is also a shortage of goods. In...

BPPL secures US$ 15 million of long-term funding from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation

Loan to boost Sri Lanka’s plastic recycling infrastructure and BPPL’s mono filament/ polyester yarn production Sri Lanka’s plastic recycling capabilities and infrastructure are set to soar with BPPL Holdings PLC, the country’s pioneer in the field, securing long-term funding of US$ 15 million from the International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) of the United States of...

Clean Up Sri Lanka

NO MORE DELAYS..! We invite all the Sri Lankans to gather as one team to build up a beautiful country. Currently we are experiencing a hard time as a country. But, the best we can do now as adults and youth is to be organized together as small teams representing your own villages and cities...