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Will the fire also be plastic?
Will the fire also be plastic?

Will the fire also be plastic?

During the Stone Age, the fire was discovered by two rocks and over time, various methods were used to make the fire. In that way, people invented matchboxes. Today, with the inflation in Sri Lanka, production is stagnant as well as the cost of production has increased. There is also a shortage of goods. In Sri Lanka, the paper has likewise become a rare liquid.
Many eco-friendly products can be made from paper. Many eco-friendly products can be made from paper, but with the shortage of paper, some have resorted to the use of plastics as an alternative. Recent generations are experiencing the effects of disasters. Due to the scarcity of paper today, some entrepreneurs have resorted to replacing paper matches with plastic matches.
A matchbox is an important household item. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. It is not the best solution to think that the best solution to the paper shortage is plastic, because a piece of plastic will not rot on the earth for many years. It is true that the country needs to wake up. There are no easy solutions at the moment It is time to move towards sustainable solutions. The closed paper mill can be re-established. Self-employment in the paper making from natural materials can be enforced. Empty matchboxes can be reassembled after use. Customers can also be directed to reassemble using the same marketing tactics. They can be persuaded to use a tactic such as minimizing the selling price when purchasing a new firebox for an empty firebox. Customers can be guided to this by using tactics such as doing.
Let us make judgments for the future without regard for expediency. Let us not build matchboxes out of plastic!! Let us take a stance against the use of fire plastic!!

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