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Story of Lion Kithul

Story of Lion Kithul

Lion Kithul wood is an industry which is based on Kithul palm tree. They are producing about 80 eco-friendly plastic alternative products including Kithul wood trays, cups, soap boxes etc. It’s a pleasure to say that, their products have been famous in local and foreign countries also.
This marvelous industry is running by Mrs. Manaranjane and his husband who are living in Kahadakanda, Dikkumbura in Galle district. After losing her husband’s occupation, they had to decide to do their own job. As his husband is capable of carpentry, they decided to make wood items. They discovered that, there is a huge market place for Kithul wood products, so they started carpentry especially by Kithul wood. This is their one and only bread winning path for the family. They only use dead Kithul trees for making these items without doing harmful effects for the environment. From those dead trees, they only can get about 4 feet’s of length to make the items. They buy those trees by suppliers who are in Deniyaya. They are doing these all the works at their own place, with the help of family members. Because of their skills and dedication, now they are succeed in the local and foreign market place.
Few years ago, they got a chance to sell their products in Colombo good market and Baththaramulla Diyatha Uyana. As their products were got popular among the customers, they got another chance to sell the products at Galle fort on weekends. It was a huge chance, as they got more and more foreign attraction to their unique products. Now they are doing foreign orders also. They had prepared the export license by themselves and now they are exporting those items to foreign countries. They are doing not only exporting, but also local orders. After reminiscence the past, now they are very happy as they could got succeed in their industry.
This victory is all because of their correct decisions and dedication on their aim. So, shouldn’t we give our hands to those talented entrepreneurs? Of course we can buy eco-friendly day to day items to promote them. Then we could avoid the plastics and, make the trend of eco-friendly plastic alternatives.


Store link – https://zeroplastic.lk/store/lion-kithul-wood/