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Another major plastic recycling facility by Eastman Chemical
Another major plastic recycling facility by Eastman Chemical

Another major plastic recycling facility by Eastman Chemical

Plastic is one of the most talked about topics in the world . Because most people are not fully aware of the dangers of using plastic , people’s tendency to recycle plastic is very low . Because of that Eastman chemical looking to build another major plastics recycling facility .

Given the seriousness of the situation , Eastman Chemicals is considering building another chemical recycling plant for plastics in the United States . They are exploring several options for that . In a statement to Plastic News on June 28 , Eastman said his company was also considering building a chemical recycling plant elsewhere . He further said that they are in the process of exploring several options for this potential project and are working diligently to get the maximum benefit . It should also be noted that Eastman is also making some significant efforts to build future growth alternatives for polymer and intermediate products from recycled plastic waste worldwide . This will enable America to make some products through plastic recycling .

It should also be noted that this is an area that many countries are focusing on . And some countries are still working on recyclable plastics that can be recycled . Not only in the United States , but in other countries as well , it would be worthwhile to have some systematic , optimal approach to plastic recycling . If so , the use of plastics will solve many of the problems that are already exacerbated through the systematic non – disposal of plastics .

Source : https://www.plasticsnews.com/news/eastman-chemical-looking-build-another-major-plastics-recycling-facility

Subodha Charuni
Department of Sociology
University of Peradeniya