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We Say No To Plastic

Zero Plastic’s mission is to create a behavioural change among Sri Lankan citizens to reduce Plastic waste while building a demand for plastic substitutes produced by local entrepreneurs.

We focus on three main goals

  1. Build social behavior change (SBC) for 3R
  2. Get people to use sustainable plastic alternatives
  3. Expand and empower Zeroplastic Club network.

Zeroplastic Movement: A thriving environmental organization with 9000 dedicated volunteers. Together, we raise awareness and establish Zeroplastic clubs across universities, schools, and districts.

What We Do

We provide free information of the benefits and ways for business to be Zeroplastic.
We educate busineses and consumers to the benefits of replacing single use plastic.
We provide formal certification to businesses that have been inspected and meet our certification standards.
Non Profit
We are not for profit and working for common good.

Our Objectives

Promote reduce, reuse, recycle (3R) practices and strengthening local and regional markets for recycled plastics
Build social behavior change (SBC) for 3R and solid waste


  • Strengthened the force towards 3R concept – currently more than 9000 active volunteers
  • Executed Sri Lanka’s largest environmental walk with over 4000 participants.
  • Established Zeroplastic clubs across all state and private universities, schools, and districts, forming the largest club network across the country to combat plastic pollution.
  • Empowered more than 100 SME entrepreneurs who produce plastic alternatives
  • Introduced more than 350 plastic alternative products to the market
  • Many island wide coastal cleanups
  • Conducted many inter university ideathons, hackathons and competitions towards the plastic crisis
  • Executed door to door awareness sessions about the plastic crisis

Our Blog

Legislative Innovations: Pioneering Solutions to the Plastic Crisis

We are thrilled to announce the formation of the Law Student Alliance of the ZeroPlastic Movement! This groundbreaking club unites law students from all faculties…
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The ZeroPlastic Movement’s Climate Change Hackathon

In the fight against climate change, it’s crucial to have science-based decision-makers, leaders who understand the intricacies of climate science, and innovative youth ready to…
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Doubts about Zero-plastic Impact on 2023 ?

Our impact is #not determined by how much plastic waste we #collected; that’s not our mission! Our impact is #not measured by the quantity of…
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Nurturing Genuine Sustainability: A Call to Action for Sri Lankan Banks

Sri Lankan local banks have made commendable strides in engaging with sustainable activities like beach cleanups and tree planting, showcasing their dedication to environmental well-being.…
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ZeroPlastic Movement Recognized by The Climate Tribe in UAE

We are elated to share a momentous recognition that underscores our unwavering commitment to combat plastic pollution and drive sustainable change. The ZeroPlastic Movement has…
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World Cleanup Day Unites Sri Lanka in a Triumph of Environmental Responsibility

“Over 680 Cleanup Initiatives Bring Communities Together for a Cleaner, Greener Future” In a remarkable display of unity and environmental stewardship, Sri Lanka celebrated World…
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Why Volunteer For Us?

Become Volunteers
Zeroplastic volunteers are the perfect place for young minded people with love for nature, with innovative solutions for plastic crisis , who dream of an eco-friendly, plastic-free future and this is best place to show case your ideas , skills.
At this moment zeroplastic have volunteers from government and non government who work for achieve the objectives. You just might be we are looking for and this will be paving new pathways for you.
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Benefits of volunteering
Benefits you receive, - Be a Volunteer to heal mother earth - Valuable volunteer certificate - internship opportunities for Students - platform to showcase your talents - opportunities to become Leader - Network with all government universities and District Clubs - Free chance to attend to webinars for self growth