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Zero Plastic our Goal
Zero Plastic our Goal

Zero Plastic our Goal

What is Zero Plastic?
Zero Plastic is a volunteer youth movement that has built a beautiful Sri Lanka free of plastics, with the participation of the university community and the youth community.
We, the Zero Plastic National Movement, have done and continue to do a number of programs, including various environmental and awareness programs. Foremost among these are beach cleaning programs, a series of monthly online discussions with experts, and plastic recycling and training programs.

Why this Zero Plastic?
Zero Plastic Our foremost and only selfless goal is to make Sri Lanka a green, beautiful homeland free of plastic and polythene. Due to the increasing use of plastics and polythene, not only the environment but also the natural water system and land including the atmosphere, beaches and rivers are being severely polluted. The careless and informal disposal of plastics and polythene, including garbage, poses a serious threat to the lives of aquatic organisms as well as other animal communities. Therefore, our voluntary youth initiative is only to build a land free of plastics.

Zero Plastic struggle in the battlefield
Sri Lanka is a prosperous country with high hearted people. At present Sri Lanka is a moment of ongoing struggle for political and economic change, under the voluntary leadership of like-minded people. That is, the system is changing in Sri Lanka. It is merely a self-sacrifice for our country, which is based primarily on youth, regardless of political affiliation or party affiliation. You may be wondering what our struggle with Zero Plastic is in the ongoing struggle.
Thousands of plastic bottles are used daily in the battlefield. The pollution that can happen there is enormous. We love the environment, we raise our voices for the environment in the arena of struggle . We launch our struggle . We begin the fight to recycle all the empty plastic bottles that collect and discard in the land of constant struggle for recycling. Without any political motives, we are voluntarily fulfilling our silent role in the field of struggle, simply for a plastic-free Sri Lanka. We will continue to do so. The collected plastic bottles are systematically recycled by our official recycling partner, CleanTech.

So, are you a responsible Sri Lankan who loves the environment and the motherland? You who speak for the motherland in the land of struggle, come and do your duty for the environment. Let us be a force for the energy of the youth who are building and building for a future free of plastic and polythene. Set up in the battlefield, Zero Plastic will hand over the discarded empty plastic bottles to our cabin and take responsibility for the environment with us.

Victory in the ongoing struggle for a plastic free country !!
Let’s build a beautiful land free of plastic !!
Let us fulfill our duty in the field of struggle for the environment !!

Zero Plastic National Movement.
The Volunteer Youth Movement, built solely for a plastic-free homeland

Devini Liyana Gunawardhana
Faculty of Science
University of Kelaniya