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Zeroplastic Trail Guidelines for Corporate

Guidelines for Corporate to Join the ZeroPlastic Trail by Organizing Their Own Walk:

  1. Purpose and Objectives: Clearly define the purpose and objectives of organizing the walk within your organization. The primary goal should be to raise awareness about plastic pollution and its impact on wildlife. Additionally, consider including objectives such as promoting sustainable practices within the workplace, engaging employees in environmental initiatives, and fostering a sense of corporate social responsibility.
  2. Planning and Coordination: Designate a team or committee responsible for organizing the walk. Ensure that they have sufficient resources, time, and support from the management to carry out the necessary arrangements. Coordinate with other participating organizations and the ZeroPlastic Trail organizers to ensure a cohesive global effort.
    1. Initiate a walk with your organization and determine the starting point and other details.
    2. Join one of the 30 sub-walks planned across various universities.
    3. Participate in the main walk in Sigiriya.
  3. Date, Time, and Location: Select July 9, 2023, as the date for the walk to align with the ZeroPlastic Trail. Choose a suitable start time, such as 7:00 AM, to allow participants to join before the workday begins. Select a location near your organization’s premises or within a convenient area to start the walk. Ensure the route covers a minimum distance of 5 km to signify active participation and support.
  4. Promotion and Communication: Develop a comprehensive communication plan to create awareness and generate excitement among employees. Utilize various channels such as email, intranet, notice boards, social media, and internal newsletters to inform employees about the walk, its objectives, and how they can participate. Encourage employees to invite friends and family members to join as well. Provide clear instructions regarding the meeting point, time, and any necessary registration procedures.
  5. Participant Attire: Suggest that all participants wear either a company-branded t-shirt or a white t-shirt during the walk. This will create a unified visual representation and reinforce the organization’s commitment to the cause.
  6. Equipment and Materials: Provide gloves and bags to each participant for collecting plastic waste along the roadside during the walk. Emphasize the importance of proper waste disposal and segregation. Inform participants that the collected plastic will be handed over to the ZeroPlastic team for recycling.
  7. Approval for Notice/Poster and Branding Materials: If you plan to use any notice, poster, or branding materials during the walk, ensure that you obtain prior approval from the ZeroPlastic movement. This is important to maintain consistency and avoid any conflicts with the global initiative. Coordinate with the ZeroPlastic Trail’s head office to obtain the necessary permissions.
  8. Social Media Engagement: Encourage participants to share their experiences on social media platforms using the hashtag #ZeroPlasticTrail in every post. This will help create a unified online presence for the corporate-level walks. It will also allow the ZeroPlastic Trail organizers to track and evaluate the impact of these walks. Emphasize the importance of responsible and respectful online behavior during the campaign.
  9. Recycling Arrangements: Inform the ZeroPlastic team about your corporate walk and your intention to collect plastic waste. Coordinate with them to arrange for the collection and recycling of the plastic waste collected during the walk. Ensure proper transportation and handling procedures are followed to ensure the waste is appropriately recycled.
  10. Evaluation and Recognition: Corporate-level walks will be evaluated, and the best three walks will be selected by the ZeroPlastic Trail organizers. Emphasize the importance of active participation, creativity, and impact when organizing and executing your corporate walk. The recognition received will not only showcase your organization’s commitment to sustainability but also inspire others to take similar initiatives.
  11. We will provide the police clearance and permission letter to undertake this walk. Once you have decided on your participation option, kindly inform us so that we can provide the necessary permission documents.

Remember, by joining the ZeroPlastic Trail and organizing your own walk, your organization can contribute to the global effort against plastic pollution while fostering a sense of shared responsibility and environmental consciousness among your employees.