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STRIVE with Zero Plastic Peradeniya…
STRIVE with Zero Plastic Peradeniya...

STRIVE with Zero Plastic Peradeniya…

Basically, sunlight, water and temperature decide how a tiny seed is going to flourish into a huge tree.  Zero Plastic of University of Peradeniya stepped into light little souls in Naranwita Kanishta Vidyalaya, Gampola and help them grow into outstanding individuals with the awareness workshop, “STRIVE with Zero Plastic Peradeniya” on 11th of June 2022.

The awareness workshop mainly focused on plastic pollution, minimizing pollution and the 3R concept. The session began with the Introductory session about Zero Plastic National Movement by the president of Zero Plastic Peradeniya, Ms. Yashika Nipuni. It followed with a motivational session on how to achieve academic success conducted by Mr. Chamuditha Galkaduwa, Undergraduate at Faculty of Dental Science, University of Peradeniya. The program concluded with the session emphasizing on the 3R concept, and group and individual activities to burnish the creative thinking of the students.  At the end of the day, participants shared how they were pleased with the content and the delivery of the program.

Refreshments were provided by the participants of the workshop. A token of appreciation was presented to the guest speakers while a plantable pen was awarded to each and every student who participated the program.

STRIVE with Zero Plastic Peradeniya...STRIVE with Zero Plastic Peradeniya...

Zero Plastic Peradeniya extend their heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Nishshanka De Silva, the founder of Zero Plastic National Movement, Mr. Randika Fernando, the chief manager of Airtel Sri Lanka, Mr. Ilangakoon Bandara, the principle of Naranwita Kanishta Vidyalaya and the special guest, Mr. Victor Basin, a volunteer from Belgium who helped them to make the program a success.

By : Rashmi Wickramasinghe
       Lochana Senanayake