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Let’s think differently
Let’s think differently

Let’s think differently

Plastics and polythene, which are the leading polluters of the environment, are increasingly being used by the general public based on their ease of use. But as individuals, you can build self-discipline and take different steps to reduce the use of plastics.

As a example

  • Instead of a plastic bottle, you can use a glass, metal or clay bottle to carry water when traveling or going to work.
  • When you go to the market, you can carry a bag made of cloth, reed, cane, etc. instead of a polythene bag.
  • Plastic dishes used at home can be replaced with glass or porcelain ones.

In this way, you can try to replace plastic and polythene with commodities manufactured using eco-friendly materials such as fabrics , wood, cane ,glass and clay.

But the main problem in here is the lack of awareness among the people about eco-friendly products made from substitutes and the scarcity of those products in the market.

To address this, we have launched the ZeroPlastic Project and the main objective of this project is to educate the public on eco-friendly alternative products and to encourage medium scale enterprises to manufacture such products.

So you are welcome to join hands with us and to build a beautiful plastic-free country.