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Let’s ban single-use plastics like in Canada.
Let's ban single-use plastics like in Canada.

Let’s ban single-use plastics like in Canada.

The Government of Canada is considering banning single-use plastics unless at least 80 percent of Canada’s recycling facilities are approved. The Canadian government has not changed its policy, although many have expressed opposition. It would be worthwhile if the Government of Sri Lanka could enact policies to ban the use of single-use plastics, as in Canada. If so, it will directly affect the development and security of the country. The Sri Lankan government also has the ability to effectively manage plastics through the effective use of innovative technologies such as advanced recycling, and the banning of single-use plastic items. Rather than banning the use of plastics altogether, the bulk of the plastic material that is currently being dumped into the landfill can be made available for human consumption through compost management, infrastructure, and investment in waste plastics. The island of Sri Lanka will be able to overcome the various problems that have already arisen due to the daily influx of plastics into the country.

Subodha Charuni
University Of Peradeniya
Department Of Sociology