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Good Friday; The Start of a new beginning!
Good Friday; The Start of a new beginning!

Good Friday; The Start of a new beginning!

This is the holiday season. So, Good Friday falls on Friday this week; the day of adorations not only for Christians but for all of us. On this holiest day of Christianity, they spend the day in fasting, prayer, meditation, and repentance on the agony and sufferings of crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary. But there is so much more to this holiday just than the religious rituals because this is all about a new beginning.

Precisely, this is the time we are expecting a new beginning for all of us. We all work so hard to be standing strong despite all the hardship we are experiencing at the moment and people have already risen from their old selves for a new start. Thus, I believe this very Good Friday brings new hope for a whole new start. It includes not just social, but also the environment because it is the real beginning of this journey of new hope.

The main crisis that our mother earth facing is something we created on our own; Plastic. Notably, plastic waste hurts the environment twice as usual during the holiday seasons. So, on this commemorative day, let’s be initiative thinkers for a plastic-free nation. It will start with a small act of your consideration.

Reduce the plastic you carry home this holiday season! Plastic wrappers, glitters, polythene bags, and plastic bottles; isn’t this an extra expense for you? Not just that, you become sinners by hurting mother nature in your neglect. Make this special day remarkable by changing your old habits. Do something good and special on this very commemorative day. Be a responsible human being and be a part of the new beginning of this Good Friday!

Plastic-free Good Friday!

Mandira Kobbagala
Faculty of Social Sciences and languages
Sabaragamuwa University of Sri Lanka