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The mechanism focussed is on providing benefits and positive impact at various levels and degrees.  The change is expected to happen from a single household level, which inturn makes a global level impact in the long run on successful implementation.

Though the ultimate benefit through The ZEROPlastic initiative will be reducing Plastic Pollution making the world a better place, there are multiple levels of benefits.

Consumers will be benefitted as eco friendly, non toxic products which have always been a concern while plastic consumption is solved through the online market available. This is driven towards a ZEROplastic home as well as healthy toxic free living.

Small Medium Entrepreneurs are benefited in terms of getting a fair market place and exposure through the marketing and awareness campaigns of ZeroPlastic. Along with the project, ZeroPlastic plans out development sessions for the entrepreneurs which benefits them in the long run. The session includes basic online marketing, communication, and support to build their business. By empowering the Entrepreneurs who are into manufacturing plastic substitute products, a commendable empowerment is expected to reach. The programme gives special attention to Women Small Medium Entrepreneurs who are taking up this with a number of challenges. Through the initiatives they are able to get financial support as well as technical expertise advice enabling them to sustain and perform. An online platform to reach the market makes them travel along with the updated changes in the market.

The Universities gain a benefit through the project, as this gives a positive exposure because of the revolutionary change towards ZeroPlastic University. University undergraduates are indeed a powerful voice of future, and a mind change among them