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World Cleanup Day – Negombo Beach

World Cleanup Day – Negombo Beach

An annual global social action campaign referred to as World Cleanup Day aims to address the worldwide problem of solid waste, particularly litter.


World Cleanup Day first started on 15th September 2018 and has been held annually for four years. This year, World Cleanup Day was held on 17th September 2022, and people from 180 countries participated in it. On this day, volunteers and collaborators from around the world came together to clean up litter on streets, rivers, forests, and beaches.


This is the first time Sri Lanka has participated in this global event called world clean-up day and Zero Plastic Movement had the opportunity to organize 12 clean-up sites scattered around Sri Lanka to conduct clean up at the same time. We were able to complete this in a very successful manner and for that, we received contributions from the university students as well as the public and volunteer.

For that, ZeroPlastic Wayamba had the privilege to take the opportunity to organize the beach clean-up event at Negombo Brown’s beach. The volunteer contribution of many people regardless of age, gender etc. were gathered for this purpose, rather than removing the polythene plastic and litter, the purpose of this was to give a change in people’s behavioural, mental change, and inspiration to their minds. For this, Midas Safety, Star Companies contributed by about 20-30 volunteers from each and financially aided this event to make this event a success.


Different university undergraduates, school students of Loyala college, corporate sector, the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka participated in the Negombo Browns beach cleanup along with zero plastic, and around 200 people joined us, including the public, volunteers, school students, and religious fathers.  Refreshments: king coconut and short-eats were provided to all those present and we made sure to provide them in the most environmentally friendly manner and not to gather anymore garbage in the site. It was an immense pleasure to meet and work together in the clean-up with our main finance sponsors Midas Safety, Star garments.


In view of the current situation, we were able to successfully complete these programs which were organized by the event leaders for the site Shashini Methsara (ZPWUSL-Vice-president) and Rameshi Amarathunga (ZPWUSL-President) in such a way as to provide mental freedom, change in behaviour, and mental satisfaction to individuals with the contribution of a large number of people. The volunteers had a great time hanging out, clicking pictures, selfies, and singing along at the beach while feeling satisfied in our hearts and remembering our rewarding volunteer experience. At the closing, everyone was filled with pride and pleasure for having contributed to enhancing Sri Lankas’ beauty and could deliver some insights to speak to the minds of Sri Lankans.


Written by Hiruni Jayakody

Faculty of Applied Sciences (2nd Year)

Edited and proofread by Shashini Methsara

Faculty of Livestock, Fisheries and Nutrition (4th Year)