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Children are the future stewards of the planet Earth

Children are the future stewards of the planet Earth

We must teach them to love nature and be with nature. When they grow up, they will understand that protecting the planet Earth and restoring the planet’s health and future is their responsibility.


The Zoonet society of The Open University of Sri Lanka organized a workshop for children as “Zoonet Junior’s Nature Day” on 27.08.2022 to educate the youth about Nature. They organized a series of sessions to enhance the knowledge of children about ecosystems and species living there. The Zero Plastic Movement of The Open University of Sri Lanka could proudly join the Zoonet society to add value to this Nature Day.
To make this session more effective, the volunteers of Zero Plastic Movement – OUSL conducted a very interactive session for the Zoonet Juniors about plastic pollution. It was an exciting session that could trigger young minds to think about how they can help to save planet Earth by saying ‘NO’ to toxic plastic.


The most interesting and highlighting part of the session was “How can I make my own Zero Plastic study zone?”.
We hope that each child needs a safe learning environment that is good for their health and growing minds with no plastic products. We must teach our children to use eco-friendly and safe alternatives instead of plastic which can cause massive destruction to nature.

Let’s make a habit to save nature and build a safe home for all living species!!

D.K.P.G. Yashodha Swarnamali Polgolla
Open university of Sri Lanka